Important Information

Dear Valued Customers:
Subsonic Planes LLC only represents the motors that are built and designed here in our shop. You can only purchase our Motrolfly Motors from us here at Subsonic Planes LLC. 
Motors sold outside our facility are not held to the same standards that we have set for our motors and we are in no way responsible for them.
Thank you

Our Motrolfy Brushless Motors are among the best in the world, with High Efficiency ratings and are able to handle more Watts than most other brushless motors in their size. We use High strength Neodymium magnets, high temp wire, and precision CNC machined parts to ensure you get the best performance. Sealed ball bearings on our 2810 and larger motors to ensure Quality and Durability.
New 0.20 laminated stators in all our Motrolfly motors.
Motrolfly Motors are covered under a one year warranty for defects.
Damage due to abuse and overheating is not covered under warranty. 

Note: Actual amps and performance may be more or less than what is listed and depends on the quality of your batteries. Having an amp meter and testing the motor/prop/battery combination is a must these days any time you test a new set up or use a new battery (especially with a higher C rating) with a given power system even if it has been previously tested.

Max watts listed are just that, they are the max watts you should not exceed at full throttle on the ground on a fresh pack to keep the motor below the acceptable temperature of 155 degrees Fahrenheit . 
Some motors may exceed the listed watts and still keep the temp of the motor below the listed limit. This depends a lot on flying style and ambient temperature and the design of the cowl. You should not exceed the listed props on motors used for 3D that do not use a concentric bearing even if you are staying below the listed watts as you may damage the motor. If you have questions on this please ask. please send all questions to
The watts you will see with the listed prop will not be close to the max watts unless you have a pack that will hold at least 4+V per cell.

It is vertually impossible for us to determine what watts you will see when the battery quality, air density, prop brand, and even the brand and individual esc quality can determine the input watts. We can only give you guidance from past experience.

Thank You
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